We are the OEM manufacturer of Barford cables and parts for Barford Consturction Equipment. We can supply Barford cables, footpedals and other associated spares for Barford Dumpers. We supply parts for various units including the SX series of forward tipping dumpers.

Manufactured using industry proven components, the Barford SX Series offers some of the strongest and most robust dumpers on the market today. They are available in a comprehensive range of sizes from the two tonne payload SX2000 up to the massive nine tonne payload SX9000.

Powerful engines and no-compromise 4 wheel drive systems throughout the range, ensure that Barford SX dumpers keep moving, even in the most demanding conditions.

There are also the SXR seris of rotary tipping dumpers, the SKR high tipping series and the Hiloda Series.Below are some of the more common items we supply:

Some common items are:

  • @92301 Handbrake Cable
  • SX682103 Handbrake Cable
  • SX683009 Throttle Cable
  • @1000695 Foot Pedal

If you require handbrake cables, throttle cables or associated controls and parts for Barford Dumpers then please contact us as we carry many of the items in stock.