The KAntrak 2700/2710 has established a new standard for intelligent, multi-function displays. This ideal man-machine interface is easily configured with user-friendly software to measure, display, store, process and transmit data.

As a high technology forward thinking company, Kongsberg not only offers well-engineered and competitively priced graphical displays, but also comprehensive Starter Kits. The kits include all the hardware and software necessary to allow customers to start developing software for their specific application and use within the KAntrak 2700/2710.

The SDK is the same set of software development tools our own software engineers use on customers projects.

Kongsberg Automotive strive to make programming and configuration of KAntrak products as simple as possible.

Starter Kits provide all the hardware and software required to quickly and easily start creating custom software for specific customer applications.


  • KAntrak 2700 Starter Kit with Compiler 922000
  • KAntrak 2700 Starter Kit without Compiler 922003
  • KAntrak 2710 Starter Kit with Compiler 922001
  • KAntrak 2710 Starter Kit without Compiler 922004
  • KAntrak 2700 KCDM Starter Kit 922005
  • KAntrak 2710 KCDM Starter Kit 922006
  • KCIM Starter kit 922002