Here at Hindle Controls we can offer cable and control spare for various hedge trimmers including McConnel (McConnell) and Bomford Turner Hedge Trimmers. We can offer the mechanical control cables and the joystick controls in various configurations. Example part numbers for the cables are 213410 and 294802 and these can be made to any length in our on site manufacturing facility. The joysticks for these cables are carried on stock and a typical reference number would be 263940. These joysticks are available with various configurations of switches and buttons. We have direct replacements for the following parts numbers:

  • 30.204.42
  • 30.211.03
  • 30.207.29
  • 30.224.13
  • 30.204.44
  • 30.204.48
  • 30.204.45
  • 30.211.39
  • 41.184.01
  • 41.184.07
  • T5186

For more information, including prices, on these parts please contact us.