Hindle Controls are distributors for Kongsberg Automotive Power Product Systems and have access to supply compressed air coupling branded as Raufoss Couplings™. These compressed air couplings meet all applicable industry standards and are fully optimised for minimum pressure loss, a lasting, temperature-independent sealing function, compact external dimensions, and cost-efficiency.

Using Raufoss Couplings™, customers can choose between complete systems of plug-in, push-in, and push-to-connect solutions. A wide range of dimensions are available for fir tree, straight push-in and cartridges. In addition, the systems include manifolds, multi-connectors, test points, etc. High flexibility and modularity facilitate full compliance with system design requirements while reducing the number of parts.

Extensive development activities and more use of polymer technology will ensure fulfillment of customer expectations today and in future. Our team of specialists provides key account service and technical support to achieve fully optimized, cost-effective system solutions.

Raufoss Couplings

The carefully developed, technically superior Raufoss couplings™ system consists of the following elements:

  • Push-in couplings
  • Plug-ins
  • Building-blocks
  • Bulkhead couplings
  • Hose nipples
  • Accessories

Raufoss couplings™ system can be used with polyamide or hytrel tubing to one of the following standards:

  • ISO 7628
  • DIN 74324
  • DIN 73378
  • SAE J844
  • NFR 12-632
  • MVSS 160/49

This tubing is available at Hindle Controls in all sizes to fit Raufoss Couplings along with different colours for different applications.

The couplings´operating temperature is between -40°C to +100°C, with peak-temperature up to +140°C (for a period of approximately 2 hours.)

The operating pressure for the couplings meet with the requirements for non metallic tubes. All brass components are manufactured from (CuZn40Pb2/CuZn39Pb3) in compliance with DIN 17600, unless otherwise specified. All steel components are manufactured from 9SMnPb28 in compliance with DIN 1651 and yellow chromated acc. ISO 4042/A3C. See separate notes in the catalogue. All o-rings are manufactured from EPDM. The use of our couplings with other media than air is not permitted without prior approval.

Kongsberg Automotive has been approved and certified by the following organisations:

  • TÜV
  • UTAC

Kongsberg Automotive´s quality system is approved according to the following international standards:

  • ISO/TS 16 949
  • ISO 14001

For any further specific requirements, applications of our product or support for technical solutions, please ask for individual consultation from Hindle Controls,.

Product List

  • General information
  • Push-in couplings
  • Tube connectors
  • Plug-in “P5”
  • “P5” Elbows
  • “P5” Unions F, L, T/
  • 3-way blocks
  • “P5” 4-way cross blocks/
  • 4-way blocks
  • Cross blocks, T-unions
  • T-unions with bracket
  • Bulkhead couplings
  • Elbows for bulkhead
  • couplings
  • 3-, 4-way bulkhead
  • couplings
  • Nuts
  • Transfer adapters
  • Socket joints
  • Plugs
  • Test points
  • Distribution blocks
  • Hose nipples
  • Accessories/Spare parts
  • Assembly illustrations
  • Installation instructions
  • Repair instruction