Throttle control cables can be manufactured in house at Hindle Controls, Bradford for your specific application. Hindle Controls can supply any type of throttle control cable ranging from light duty applications to heavy applications. We are able to supply throttle cables for, Go Karts, Trucks, Buses, Agricultural Machinery, Construction Vehicles, Handling Equipment and any vehicle/machine that requires a mechanical throttle cable. As we are approved by Kongsberg Automotive (Formerly Teleflex or Morse Controls) we can manufacture to your length requirement, this can be achieved by sending a sample to us or a technical drawing.

We can also supply throttle controls to suit the control cables we manufacture. A number of throttle controls are available from hand throttles to mechanical foot pedals. Once again a range from light duty to heavy duty are available.

The typical type of part number you may find on Throttle cables are:

205657, 213707, 205659, 205628, 208431, 9205628, 208432, 206519

Throttle cables can also be offered for the Marine market using our supply chain to Teleflex Morse. Typically known in the marketplace as 33c or 43c control cables these cables can be used to operate the throttle or gear in conjunction with a range of throttle control units. The 33c name is known worldwide but it stands for 30 series Teleflex conduit 3” travel with clamp fittings. Hindle Controls can supply this cable in 1/4mtr increments from 1m to 20m on a 2-3 day lead time. Other varieties such as Supreme or Extreme 33c control cables can also be supplied.

Differences as follow:

  • Standard Teleflex 33c Control Cable: Single core wire
  • Supreme Teleflex 33c Control Cable: Single Core wire then wrapped, reduced bore/ bash lash
  • Extreme Teleflex 33c Control Cable: Extreme technology, ribbed core, minimal bash lash.
  • 9217225/L Control Cable: Old UK Morse Controls Part Number.
  • 32377-L: Old American Morse Controls Part Number

This control cable is a very important component to a marine motion control system. It is the vital link between the control head and propulsion unit. Using the best control cable ensures smooth and efficient operation of both the throttle and gear functions. Teleflex are a market innovator and their cutting edge designs and techniques set the standard for control cables in the marine market. All Marine control cables have stainless steel rods, hubs and end fittings as well as stainless or nylon covered core wires with moisture protective seals for added corrosion protection and longer life. The conduit has a UV resistant polyethylene jacket to withstand the effects of salt water, chemicals, gasoline and oil.

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