Transmission cables connect the Gear Shift Control to the connection kit on the gear box. Gear shift controls normally require a clamp type control cable and have a suitable connection kit for installation onto the gearbox. Typically a 43c control cable is used in this application. Where there is a longer run or the loads are very heavy then a 64c control cable is used.

When a manual gear change control is used, two cables are required for shift and select. Automatic transmission controls (MAXX Controls) use a single cable. The bend radius for the 43c should be a minimum of 150mm and for the 64c 250mm. The control cables should be as straight as possible, the fewer bends the better the system. Ensure that routing of the control cable avoids heat areas and protect with heat shield (Available at Hindle Controls) if this is unavoidable. Typical manual gear change cables connect to ZF, Eaton and Fuller Transmissions whilst the Automatic transmission cable and control connect to Allison Transmissions. We can offer a number of control cable to suit the following Allison Transmissions:

AT540, MT653 DR, HT740, AT543, MT650, HT740 FS, MT643, MT654 CR, HT750 DRD, MT640, CLT 654, HT754 CR, MT644, HT750, V-730, All 2000 series

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