Morse Controls has been developing and manufacturing mechanical control systems for on/off-road vehicles and the marine industry since 1933. In Sweden, the company has both competed and cooperated with RMH Controls AB, specialized in electronic control solutions.
”Our products have complemented each other”, says David Owen. ”The combination of mechanical and electronic solutions will give us a full range to offer the market.”
Morse Controls’ products use cable and controls to transfer push/pull, forward/reverse and rotational forces to gear shift, handbrake, steering and drive systems. Many of the company’s products carry international patents. RMH Controls have concentrated on programmable electronic solutions used to regulate automatic and semi-automatic transmissions, engines, steering systems and hydraulic/pneumatic movements.
”We look upon the acquisition as a cost-effective way
for us to expand. Our customers will definitely feel the benefit”, says David owen./ins
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Morse Controls was formed after Teleflex Ltd., founded in England in 1933 and Morse Controls Inc. founded in 1940 in the United States were acquired by Rockwell in 1971. The company was subsequently sold to IMO Industries Inc. in 1988 and is today active on all the major international markets. Morse Controls carries a number of international patents including the Red-Jacket push/pull cable which protects cables from abrasion and the MT Control, a single handle forward/reverse control for outboard motors.
The company has more than 800 employees world-wide with a turnover USD 150 million. The company’s Swedish operations comprise 35 people with a turnover of approx. USD 10 million.

RMH Controls AB was founded in 1971 marketing steering and control systems for on/off-road vehicles. The first product developed by the company, a pneumatic valve, was launched in 1977. Following this a full range of pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and electronic systems for mobile applications was developed. The company’s Shiftronic automatic gearshift system, launched in 1985, protects gear boxes and drive shafts from damage caused by excessive forces while improving comfort and economy. The company will continue to develop and market its product range as part of the Morse Controls group.

Hindle Controls successfully took over this business in July 2017 and continues to manufacture the product to service aftermarket and new OE demand, please see our product range on the following link…