Integrity – Always doing the right thing for our people, for our customers.

Integrity enables all the other values to work, inside and outside the Company. It is a natural behaviour that means everyone acts with honesty and can be relied on to always do the right thing. It is a personal choice about the way people behave towards one another; helping to create an environment based on trust and respect.


Collaboration – Working together with trust and respect to help make the whole business more successful.

Collaboration is about working together, promoting an environment of trust and respect across the whole business, resulting in continuous improvement in the Company’s performance. Everyone has a unique part to play in creating a successful business that easily adapts to overcome challenges and take advantage of the opportunities.


Strong work ethic – A passion and pride to be successful, through empowerment, accountability and responsibility.

A strong work ethic describes the attitude and determination to achieve successful outcomes. It is going the extra mile when needed without being asked, or expecting anything in return. It is about empowerment; taking responsibility and accountability for actions and performance.  At its core, it is a passion and pride towards the organisation and the work that each person carries out.


Communication – Open and honest communication to inform and support good decision making.

Good communication is about sharing and receiving information in an open, honest and consistent way. It promotes healthy relationships with employees and customers alike. It is an essential component in the development, support and guidance of people, and done well, creates a positive working environment promoting good decision making.