You’ll find below the questions we most commonly get asked by our customers. If there’s something you think that should be covered here and we’ve missed please contact us, we’re always looking to improve the site where we can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply cablecraft cables?

Cablecraft is a brand of cable and, as such, we can manufacture equivalent cables. Kongsberg (previously Teleflex Morse) are a market leader and innovator of cable products and are continuoudsy improving the conduits and cores that are available for the cables we manufacture. The latest product is the silverline range, a breakthrough design offering unparalleled smoothness and efficiency combined with hardly any lost motion, even in the longest, most complex cable routings, proving ideal for push pull cables.

Can you manufacture to my sample?

We get many requests to build to sample. Using an old cable as a template we can usually offer a replacement at an economic price. We do, however, need to see the cable before we can give a price. Please send the cable to us at the address listed on our contact page with a brief covering letter and contact details.

How do I pay for my items?

We accept payment by Cheque, Credit/Debit Card, BACS transfer or via setting up a credit account.

Do you supply to the general public?

As the UK distributor for Kongsberg Automotive we supply to everyone from the public through to OEM’s, we can accommodate single cable sales through to batches of several hundred cables.

Who are Kongsberg?

Kongsberg is the new name for Teleflex Morse Industrial. Kongsberg Automotive is a global provider of engineering, design, and manufacture for seat comfort, driver and motion control systems, fluid assemblies, and industrial driver interface products.

How do I measure a cable?

Most cables are measured tip to tip. We also need to know the travel (movement) required, what threads are needed and the outer fixing details (e.g. clamp, bulkhead, adjuster).

How do I identify a cable?

All Morse cables have a part number and length stamped onto the cable. From this information we can identify and offer a replacement. If there is no part number or the cable is not a Kongsberg (teleflex morse) cable then pictures often help and we gladly accept samples to work to – please send these to the contact address with a covering letter.

What end fittings can you supply?

We can supply metric and imperial threads along with clevis’ balljoints and numerous other end fittings. Please contact us with your requirements.