30s Control Cables

The heart of a Morse Industrial remote control system is the flexible push-pull cable used to transfer motion.  It provides an efficient and economical solution to a wide range of control problems associated with increasingly severe legislation against noise and the need to improve driver comfort, while offering better machine accessibility for maintenance.

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30s control cables can be offered at custom length from 0.50m to 40.00m plus.  We offer different end fitting, Bulkhead, Clamp and Adjustable for the conduit.  The standard travels are 2″ (50mm), 3″ (75mm) and 4″ (100mm) but we can also accommodate other travel requirements for special applications.

The old Morse ordering codes were very simple to work out.  ie 33C equals a 30s cable with 3″ (75mm) of travel with clamp fittings.  32B equals a 30s cable with 2″ (50mm) of travel with bulkhead fittings.

32C – 202220/L (MET) – 217223/L (UNF) (USA: 301947-002-***ft)

33C – 202250/L (MET) – 217225/L (UNF) (USA: 301947-003-***ft – D32377-003-***”)

34C – 202270/L (MET) – 217227/L (UNF) (USA: 301947-004-***ft)

32B – 202221/L (MET) – 217203/L (UNF) (USA: 305399-002-***ft)

33B – 202251/L (MET) – 217205/L (UNF) (USA: 305399-003-***ft)

34B – 202271/L (MET) – 217207/L (UNF) (USA: 305399-004-***ft)

32A – 202202/L (MET) – 204102/L (UNF)

33A – 202232/L (MET) – 204132/L (UNF)

34A – 202262/L (MET) – 204162/L (UNF)

32BC – 202223/L (MET) – 217243/L (UNF) (USA: 304040-002-***ft)

33BC – 202253/L (MET) – 217245/L (UNF) (USA: 304040-003-***ft)

34BC – 202273/L (MET) – 217247/L (UNF) (USA: 304040-004-***ft)


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