Kongsberg ABC Raufoss Air Couplings

Kongsberg Automotive has, in co-operation with various  commercial vehicle manufacturers, developed a new air  coupling system based on composite material and brass for use with plastic tubing for the compressed air circuits used on commercial vehicles.

The use of our couplings with other media than air is not  permitted without prior approval.

  • Push-in couplings
  • ABC™ Swivels
  • ABC™ Building Blocks
  • Test Points
  • Bulkhead couplings
  • Hose nipples
  • Accessories

Raufoss ABC™ couplings can be used with polyamide (PA 11 /PA12) or Hytrel tubing to one of the following standards:

  • ISO 7628
  • DIN 73378
  • DIN 74324
  • SAE J844

Operating temperature for ABC™ Couplings is between -40°C to+100°C, with peak-temperature up to + 130°C (pressure less, for a period of approximately 2 hours.)

The operating pressure is max 15bar for the couplings. Please take into consideration the max allowed tube operation  pressure.

 Raufoss ABC™ couplings from Kongsberg Automotive is approved and certified by: TÜV Nord

For any further specific requirements, applications of our  product or support for technical solutions, please ask for a member of the sales team at Hindle Controls.