Kongsberg CS1400 Series Manual Cable Shifter

The breakthrough design of the new CS1400 Series features an innovative central spindle bearing that offers best-in-class shift feeling. When combined with SILVER LINE™ transmission cables, it provides minimized backlash for superb efficiency.

The CS1400 Series reduces the need for OEM engineering, testing and tooling by utilizing a set of common validated core components, increasing production efficiency and accelerating time to market.

At the heart of every CS1400 series gear shifter there is standard base unit with a common set of core components which provide significant benefits to our customers:


  • Proven technology
  • Reduced development and validation costs and time
  • Minimized tooling investment

Each shifter contains a designed and developed spindle bearing which, in combination with SILVER LINE transmission cables, allows significantly enhanced shift feeling and quality, high efficiency in a minimized packaging space.



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