Seastar (Teleflex-Morse) i6300 Electronic Control

The new i6300 delivers precise control of a boat’s shift and throttle functions, thanks to Teleflex’s responsive and robust shift and throttle actuators. Works on 12v or 24v systems. The actuators are linked to the control head with a single 1/4” CANbus cable — for easy routing and installation. With a single small cable connecting all control stations to the smart actuators, there is no longer a need for heavy, complex wiring harnesses associated with other electronic control systems. All i6300 system kits come with all components needed for an installation, including power cables, power module, and network cable.


  • Suitable for all engines with mechanical shift and mechanical throttle
  • Single, Twin, Triple and Quad engine combinations
  • Inboards, IO’s and Outboards
  • Unlimited additional stations


  • Optional trim switch(es)
  • Drag and detent adjustment standard
  • Works on 12v and 24v systems
  • Up to four engine capability
  • Light coded diagnostic information
  • Utilizes standard 33c type control cables – TFXtreme type recommended
  • Full power train synchronization standard on multi-engine applications
  • Built-in start in-gear protection
  • Neutral warm-up
  • Mechanical override “get home” feature
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable standards


  • EC3usa i2

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