Kongsberg MK6 Manual Gear Shifter

The MK6 remote manual shifter (RMS) is a compact, low profile unit that can be dash mounted to provide an efficient shift control for manual transmissions in a variety of vehicle types. The vertical cable outlets have the added advantage of facilitating facia or steering column mounting, which helps provide for a clear walk-through cab. When used with the servo translator, the MK6 is particularly well suited to the heavier gearboxes and longer cable runs found on rear engine coaches.


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Key features

• Ease of Shifting – When the optional pneumatic servo unit is employed, the shift load for the system can be reduced by up to 40%

• Performance – The unit provides positive, reliable gearshifts under all conditions. By design, the potential for gear jump-out due to cab movement is eliminated.

• Flexibility – The MK6 master unit has few restraints on mounting positions and a low mounting profile, providing more options for cab design.

• Reduced maintenance – the shifter is a totally sealed system with no re-lubrication requirements.


  • MK6121202

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