Kongsberg MK8 Manual Shifter

The MK8 remote manual shifter (RMS) provides an extremely effective solution for controlling manual gearboxes in cab-over-engine trucks, rear engine buses and a variety of mid-engine vehicles. In fact, the unit is applicable in almost any situation where the gear box is remote from the driver. Based on one cable each for shift and select functions, this unit has the added advantage of having adjustable travel stops on the select mode that assist in selecting the extreme rails on long cable applications. Gear levers are optional, allowing customers to select their own preferred standard.



Key Features

• Performance – The unit provides positive, reliable gearshifts under all conditions. By design, the potential for gear jump-out due to cab movement is eliminated.

• Flexibility – The MK8 master unit has few restraints on mounting positions and a low mounting profile, providing more options for cab design.

• Reduced maintenance – the shifter is a totally sealed system with no re-lubrication requirements.