Rolling Ball Cables

Rolling Ball Cables have flexible linear ball bearing which transfers push-pull motion from one point to another. Its unique design allows for the efficient transmission of movement up to 8″ with maximum efficiency and minimal lost motion.

Rolling Ball Cables are available in lengths up to 65 feet (20.00m) and can easily be routed in three dimensional installations. Motion and load can be transmitted over even longer distances by coupling individual cables together.

Rolling Ball Cables can accommodate complex layouts with small bend radii and still achieve an efficiency rate of up to 97%. The stainless steel inner members of the cable assure an optimum cycle life under high bending stress.


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Hindle Controls can provide Rolling Ball cable to replace the old Bowdenflex control cables.  Bowdenflex offered a range for 4 type of size rolling ball cables which where, Type 55, Type 70, Type 90 and Type 125.

The full construction of the cable is manufactured from stainless steel to make the cable durable in any appliacation.


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