Stop Cable

Hindle Controls can manufacture Stop cables to any length as per your requirement. Stop Cables manufactured at Hindle Controls are ideal for a variety of control needs. All control cables feature corrosion resistant construction and non metallic liners for long life and easy operation. Typically used for Throttle, Fuel Shut Off, valves, latches, switches and engine choke Hindle Controls can manufacture for your custom requirement.

Stop cables can be offered using the standard ‘T’ handle and round knob or specialised aluminum custom designs. Wire ended designs do not feature output rods and sleeves and are recommended for light duty, light load applications. Rod ended cables have the rod and sleeve and are designed for heavier applications and both ‘push to operate’ and ‘pull to operate’ functions. Among the wire ended and rod ended applications Hindle Controls can offer a range to conduit and core options to offer a range from light load to heavy load.

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