CANvu™ 355 Low Profile

The CANvu 355 Low Profile has a 3.5inch colour display with fully integrated input and output features. One of our most popular displays this variant has a low profile housing giving a sleeker finish and larger buttons than the standard CANvu 355. The display is available in 4 variants with Standard Housing, and reduced I/O combinations, part of our family of compact, flexible, and rugged CAN bus monitors.

With 7 analogue inputs, 4 relay outputs combined with 3 digital inputs, 2 CAN input connections, plus a USB port the CANvu 355 allows maximum functionality. The QVGA colour display can be viewed in full sunlight, and the unit is totally sealed and electronically extremely durable.

The display can provide system control functions, alarm functionality, and has configurable data logging capability. and is equipped to meet the challenge of providing tough, flexible, maintenance free instrumentation in even the very harshest of environments.


CANvu products continue to be successfully deployed in an enormously diverse range of applications where total reliability is vital.

All products, bespoke or standard range are backed up by a dedicated central team of specialist engineers able to rapidly adapt any product for a specific application and to provide an unrivalled level of customer support.

The CANvu displays are also supported with a return to base extended 24-month Manufacture warranty against mechanical failure or material defects.

Our SDK is offered for a one-off licence fee from which customers can develop their own bespoke application solution. Available are optional plugins for CANopen, J1939, NMEA 2000, and support hours are included should your engineers need any help along the way.


we can develop bespoke software to your specification using our experienced in house engineers.

Over the years our engineers have developed software for our displays to run rock crushers & mining machinery, measure performance of spraying equipment, acting as battery monitors, boat gyro stabilisers, plus many more including military and aerospace applications.

Also available is our CANvu™ Engine Monitor standard software for Industrial and Marine, which can be pre-loaded to our displays receiving and displaying J1939 engine and transmission data, including common Tier4 parameters, with active alarms (from DM1) & NMEA 2000 data, where supported.


  • CANvu 355 LP Display Datasheet Hindle Controls

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